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Evolutionary Metaphysics

The Academy of Evolutionary Metaphysics is now officially online.

The purpose of the Academy of Evolutionary Metaphysics is to uphold a strict set of philosophical principles regarding our existence and to encourage further inquiry into these principles.

We believe that everything in the universe, every particle of matter and wave of energy, is bound to follow the laws of nature, and these laws can never be broken. By carefully studying every aspect of the universe using proven scientific methods, scientific researchers can continue to determine what these laws are.

However, there are some things that science may never be able to tell us. We might never know the reason why these laws exist, or the reason why the universe exists. There may be plenty of popular theories, but without any conclusive evidence, these kinds of questions will probably always be open to speculation.

Mistaken and fabricated claims about divine intervention have been a common feature of human society since before recorded history. Any such event would be a violation of the laws of nature, and so any reports of divine intervention can easily be dismissed as nothing more than superstitious myths.

Although we can confidently dismiss the existence of an interventionist God, there is insufficient evidence to dismiss the possibility that there might have been some other kind of unknown and possibly unknowable purposeful cosmic process behind the formation of the universe and the evolution of a humanlike consciousness.

Although there may be no reason for the existence of this universe and no intention behind the evolution of intelligent life, it is also possible that life has meaning and consciousness has some kind of cosmic purpose. But without any conclusive evidence, to either believe or disbelieve that consciousness has a higher purpose would be unscientific.

The unquestionably scientific approach would be to consider both possibilities, and to thoroughly examine them both to their eventual conclusions. Carrying out such a study without any political bias or religious agenda and without compromising scientific objectivity is the work of a field of philosophical enquiry called Evolutionary Metaphysics.

The main goal of Evolutionary Metaphysics is to study the relationship between the biological evolution of humankind, the historic struggle for wealth and political power, and the development of advanced technology, in the hope of developing explanations that will inspire the general population to think more deeply about whether or not consciousness evolved to fulfill any kind of cosmic purpose.


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