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Cosmological Evolution

Some scientifically-minded people believe that the forces of nature in this universe are so finely tuned for the existence of stars and planets and the evolution of life that they must have progressed into their current configuration through some kind of evolutionary fine-tuning process. One of the more popular theories is known as "cosmological natural selection".

In simple words, this theory suggests that black holes give birth to baby universes, and each baby universe has slightly different laws of nature from its parent. In this way, universes are continuously created and continue to evolve. Universes that are large and stable and generate more black holes will produce more offspring and will therefore become more numerous. The result of this process is a universe like ours.

The problem with this theory is that it has no evidence, the mathematics is shaky, and it rests upon many questionable assumptions. For example, we do not know if other universes exist and we do not know what happens inside black holes. The theory also assumes that some basic laws of nature never change but it does not explain where these laws came from.

Until there is some evidence or mathematical proof to support the theory of cosmological natural selection, it can only really be considered to be one of a number of competing creation myths.

In any case, when you remove all of the speculations, the theory reduces down to a standard multiverse theory which says that "our universe is just one of an infinite number of random variations. And it came into existence as a result of thoughtless and purposeless processes".

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